Veterans Making Comebacks

Mission: To help veterans develop plans for life that help with coming home, comebacks, and post traumaticgrowth.

Veterans Making Comebacks Creed

I look in the mirror to assess who I am
and who I am called to be…
write goals and resolutions to improve my plans,
my habits, myself…
admit, accept, and act to build stronger trust
with myself and with others…
focus on my callings, choices, and commitment
to lead my life closer to my best-self.
I believe again. I am free to flourish.

Oscar Waldheim, a graduate of Veterans Making Comebacks, pins a fellow veteran for completing the first course outlining goals and aresolution for making his comeback.

Oscar congratulates Brian, resident manager at St. Benedict's Veterans Center, for completing his course on Assessing and improving Attitude and Ability.

If a veteran becomes homeless or faces other challenging circumstances, does it make sense to you that those helping that veteran include helping him outline a plan and personal leadership habits better than those that led to homelessness or other despair?

Veterans Making Comebacks seeks to complement what veterans often get in counseling or other groups where the focus is telling their stories or getting help with other needs, though our mission is distinctive. We focus on deliverables for each veteran, including learning and writing plans, assessments, and solutions to assessed character, competence, and circumstance challenges to inspire more positive actions and habits.

We have developed materials and have additions and changes in progress for veteran service organizations, mentors, churches, and other groups serving veterans. We can coach trainers and facilitators on concepts and use of materials. Also, veterans can use our materials on their own:

Program Description


Veterans Center Requests Program

Veterans Leadership Ministry

Be sure to subscribe to the Veterans Making Comebacks mailing list so we can let you know of Progress and Plan on resources.

Donations for support of the program will help Veterans Making Comebacks from war and challenges of coming home through positive programming, planning tools, and nurturing environments. We can do more workbooks, facilitate more workshops, train trainers at veteran service organizations, as well as volunteers, plus improve more online resources. Use what you need, consider $1 or more per veteran served when you use our materials.

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