National Veterans Day Founding Education

Mission: To provide resources for teachers, journalists, historians, and speakers to educate leaders and students on where, why, and how National Veterans Day started in Alabamaconnected to school character traits.

2014 National Veterans Day Parade Banner

This art work was produced as a 12' Parade Banner donated to National Veterans Day by Life Leaderswith support of the Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation.

Patriotism in Action Bookmark
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This is the U.S. Senate Resolution passed November 13, 2012 affirming the historical leadership for "Father of Veterans Day" Raymond Weeks as the driving force for Veterans Day starting in Birmingham. Senator Sessions led the call for approval using research and proposals from Life Leaders. Senator Shelby supported. Senator Sparkman attended the first meeting of Weeks and Eisenhower in 1946. You may click on the resolution to enlarge or print.

Video Channel

Jeopardy TV Show Clip: Father of Veterans Day 

(also postedon Tribute to Founder Page)

Pres. Reagan Honors Raymond Weeks
at the White House  Nov. 11, 1982 and NBC-TV interview
with Weeks on White House lawn (4 minutes). 
You can watch the full speech (12 minutes) of Pres. Reagan on Veterans Day 1982 (includes honoring Raymond Weeks with the Presidential Citizens Medal as the "driving force" for Veterans Day and remarks regarding the Vietnam Memorial....via this link.
Dr. David Dyson in 1 minute PSA recorded at Troy U
on founding America'sVeterans Day in Alabama.

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Links to Others with Missions to Serve

Alabama Department of Education
ALEX (Alabama Learning Exchange)
Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs
 Alabama Department of Tourism
Birmingham Convention Visitors Bureau
US Veterans Affairs

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Veterans Day Poster
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Presentation for Veterans Day 2016
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Handout or Ad for Veterans Day Founding
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Handout or Ad World Peace Luncheon 2015
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Dr. Bice (center) receives a poster for the State Department of Education offices (Montgomery). These posters have gone in schools donated by patriots and veteran organizations. Left: MAJ Jeff Brown, Ret (Tuscaloosa Character Council); Rt: Dr. David Dyson (Life Leaders)

Above: Pres. Reagan Honors National Veterans Day Founder Raymond Weeks 1982 & NBC Channel 13 of Birmingham interviews Weeks on White House Lawn produced by Life Leaders for your presentations (<5 min)

Below: Full speech by Reagan 1982 honoring Weeks, Vietnam Memorial, Veterans, and more addressing nation--purchased from the White House.

National Veteran Award Honorees 1954 -

National Veteran Award Honorees

This draft slide show seeks to show honorees in order of year honored for presentation at the National Veteran Award Reception and Banquet, U.S. Veterans Affairs, City of Birmingham, State of Alabama, and others. We will do more research and add more honorees and information.

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