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From the seminar [Earning and Delegating Empowerment], I realized how important developing a written professional and personal action plan is in enabling me to live as my best-self and to fulfill my calling. By developing these plans, I can determine the barriers to reaching my goals and plan a successful strategy to overcome them. In addition, I learned the 7 levels of empowerment for leadership. This model provides a straightforward approach to what is expected from both the supervisor and the employee at the various stages leading to empowerment. When an engineer or any discipline achieves empowerment they have earned the trust of their supervisor and therefore will be more readily allowed to take on additional responsibilities, which in turn will provide opportunities for professional growth and promotion.

Susan S. Tidwell, TVA, Muscle Shoals, AL

I attended the same seminar last year, presented by Dr. Dyson. He presents this seminar so passionately and in such a simple manner that it "clicks" right away, that it stays with the audience for a long time. I am sure, if you put his teachings into practice, it will change your life for the better. The most interesting thing about this seminar is that it applies to professionals in engineering, as well as managers and team leaders working in any professional field. I feel so honored to co-sponsor this seminar.

Hafeez Butt, P.E., President, Key Engineering, Decatur, AL

At the seminar, I got multiple levels out of it. This is what I came away with.…empowerment is both earned and given but it takes both sides to get to an “A” level. Very good point. With that in mind, I need to determine where my employees are—use the handout of the empowerment model. With new hires I need to state what I expect in order to increase my chances of hiring someone wanting the appropriate level for each position. Every job should have a level associated with it—know what level you expect before hiring and hire appropriately. And then employees can be put in charge of their own speed in getting to the desired point as well as you telling them your expectation. That's awesome if you ask me!!

Holley Ellis, Founder and National Staffing Director, E Group Engineering Services, Birmingham, AL

Your participation in our first leadership development program helped to make the time we spend at Auburn a tremendous success. The evaluations from the session prove that our program met the needs and expectations of our participants. The information you presented on leadership skills helped us bring leadership skills and information about forestry to these young professionals. Thank you for taking the time to come to our program, making your presentation and being so well prepared to share your insights with us. I believe it really helped them gain a better understanding of the big picture.

Rick Oates, Alabama Forestry Association, Montgomery, AL

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