Life Leadership Academy Testimonials

You were wonderful with the students today. What a great way to end the week.... Thanks for your continued great efforts with the BA201 [business] classes!

Dr. Byron Chew, Monaghan Professor, Birmingham-Southern College

You have certainly made an impact on that young man's life. It must be very rewarding to know that you have given direction and confidence to the lives of many. Let me be the first to say, well done good and faithful servant.


During that one month [Life Planning & Leadership course at Birmingham-Southern College] I discovered more things about myself than I had in 18 years. I am still adding on to my Life Plan.

Lindsay Roten, Student, Birmingham-Southern College

It's a privilege to work with [Life Leaders] and "dream big." I appreciate your investment in me as a student, in my search for a personal and applicable definition of this so-often misunderstood term of "leadership," and in my pursuit to discover my best gifts and my true calling.

Allison King, Student, Samford University

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