Institute Research

We do original research as well as learn from other authors and studies.

Areas of interest include:

Plan for School and Life: we ask, read, and survey to know impact of students and adults writing and using plans. Over 95% of alumni wish their schools helped them write a plan for life. The assignment of writing a plan for school and life can start early and school and improve in course to course and year to year to help each student improve plans and performance toward college and career readiness. Enlightened educators will make this a graduation requirement to prepare citizens.

Veterans Day Founding Education: we have done research on the percentage of Alabamians and Americans who know Veterans Day started in Birmingham. Less than 1% knew this state and national history. We wrote and published Patriotism in Action to tell how the nation's holiday to honor veterans of all wars started in Birmingham and initiated the successful proposal to the U.S. Senate to make this distinction official in 2012. To be more successful, Alabama and more American schools should teach this history and the character traits annually. We can provide a lesson plan.

Professionalism Under Stress: we studied best practices for true professionalism in military and civilian life to publish the book and teach seminars to motivated professionals and their families.

Freedom City: we ask citizens of the Birmingham Area if they support adding the branding and nickname to tell the world we stand for Freedom of Liberty and Rights as the leader of two key movements--Veterans Day and Civil Rights. The World Games come to Alabama in 2021. Do we want to stand for freedom or explain what "Magic City" means?

Community and state Development:  we help public leaders with strategic thinking and planning to develop strengths and advantages.

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