The authors show executives how to use military discipline in the workplace. In Professionalism Under Stress, Army Col. (retired) Stretch Dunn and executive business coach Dr. David Dyson break down in an easy-to-understand manner how stressed-out workers and managers can achieve better balance in their lives. The combination of Stretch’s military background and Dyson’s business savvy derived from training corporate executives make this book a must-have.

Roy Williams
Business Writer, The Birmingham News
Author, 911, God Help Us

Military Professionals and Veterans

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” So writes Socrates. More than anything else, Professionalism Under Stress is a handbook, a practical guide for a reflective life, accessible to anyone who aspires to be a leader. I recommend it.

Richard M. Swain, COL USA (Ret.)
Professor of Officership, U.S. Military Academy

As a combat leader in today’s Army I have learned many things. One of these is to use every asset available to a leader. This book is an asset for all leaders. It provides the effective tools to assist a leader in being more progressive, caring, and efficient.

Sergeant Major Victor Legloahec
United States Army Sergeants Major Academy

If I had to limit my library to two books, one would be The Bible and the other would be your work. I have been in the process of refining the leadership skills I learned in the military in the mid-60’s as a Navy Corpsman, and I must tell you that my journey would have been much easier if your book had been in my hands earlier in my evolution.

Gerry Casey
UAB Medical Center
Navy Veteran

It was very inspiring and applicable to all—for cadets to enlisted cadre to commissioned officers and even civilians.

LTC John L. Salvetti
Tank Battalion Commander, Korea

Your book is hard-hitting, factual and absolutely a must-read for those of us who aspire to be true professionals. I sent a copy to my son Mike who is serving in Baghdad with the 1st Cav Division. I use the concepts and actions daily as a career manager working with my clients to help them with stressful career transitions.

Col. Bob Barfield (U.S. Army Retired)
Chairman, Patriotism in Action and Chair, Support Committee for Alabama National Cemetery

Leadership and discipline have been keys to survival on the battlefield and in the corporate world. When and how to react, based on proper training, has been the answer in situations that could have had serious results. The lessons provided through this book are essential to the advancement of both individuals and institutions.

Col. Bill Voigt (USAFR Retired)
President, Veterans Day, Birmingham

Your book can help working professionals enhance their leadership capabilities.

Dr. Byron Chew
Monaghan Professor of Management
Birmingham-Southern College
Marine Corps Veteran

I hope everyone in our company reads this book.

Hack Sain
Founder and Retired CEO, Sain Associates
WWII Veteran

This is great. Successful leaders possess both strong integrity and determined will. These principles are verified by the experience of the authors. I intend to give a copy of the book to my son as a source of guidance in his business career.

William A. Jackson
Major General, AUS Retired, Retired Judge

As an author, trainer, and motivational speaker I have found Professionalism Under Stress a cornucopia of insight on how to take command of one’s life and destiny. The reader will find this book establishes proven standards for mental, physical, and spiritual development. As a former U.S. Marine, I especially relate to the underlying esprit de corps throughout this valuable resource for personal growth and fulfillment. The solid principles of military leadership and engagement morph into inspirational examples of professionalism. Both in one’s private life and chosen profession, the authors have outlined the essential parameters for balancing success with life-long happiness; who could ask for anything more?

John O’Malley
President, Strategic Visions
Marine Veteran

Civilian Professionals

I highly recommend the lessons and actions on writing a plan for life with a professional plan that helps you focus and communicate intent and expectations with others on your team.

Hayes Parnell, III
President, Covenant Bank

Stretch and David have taken a complex subject and made it manageable for me to take action while we face changes to excel in an increasingly competitive global market.

Bo Gilbert
Vice President, BE&K Engineering

…a practical guide to implement lessons for personal leadership and true professionalism in the seven areas of life!

Dwight Wiggins
BBVA Compass

Attending your seminar [based on the book] made me realize that going through college and a MBA that I was not taught about how to be a professional under stress, which affects me everyday.

Bob Cornelius
The Bank

I found your book stimulating, encouraging, and insightful and have implemented some of your leadership principles.

Mark Miller
Sr. Vice President, Miller Wealth Management

Professionalism Under Stress is a thought-provoking experience that asks and answers many questions we have in life. A quote from the book that hit my core, perked my attention, and encouraged me to listen more carefully is: “Seasoned veterans [in any walk of life] help you move from book smarts to street smarts.... They are the bridge to learning the meaning of caring for others.“ Finding a mentor and teacher is essential for one’s growth. To become “this” seasoned veteran should be everyone’s goal, to give back to life what you have learned.

Simon Coulls
Vision Golf Management

Faculty, Students, and Recent Graduates

How I wish that the adult "guide to life" that you set forth in PROFESSIONALISM UNDER STRESS had been available when I was in my youth.... You have managed to crystallize in this volume so many things that it took me decades of trial and a lot of error to understand and apply in my life and career…. Now at 85, I am thrilled to see what you have made available to adults of all ages from the neophyte level on up to the end of one's days.

LTC C.A. “Ole” Olsen
Professor Emeritus, U.S. Military Academy

…the manner in which it is written appeals to both military and non-military personnel. Leadership plays a very important part in accomplishing any mission in the military or civilian sector…. Your advice was well received by our future leaders.

Master Sergeant Marcus G. Merritt
Senior Military Instructor, Auburn University

…delivered a powerfully insightful, gripping, and educationally useful account of leadership lessons, while challenging us….

Bonnie Cannon
Troy University


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