Professionalism Under Stress Program

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Professionalism Under Stress: Lessons for Professionalism, Stress, and Gunfighting in Military and Civilian Life

By Col. Stretch Dunn (USA Retired) & Dr. David Dyson

...presents lessons and best practices applicable to motivated students, cadets, professionals, and mentors. The authors present seven lessons for each area--professionalism, stress, gunfighting, and gunfighting leadership--in an organized, compressed style that helps you turn the lessons into strategy and use the book as a resource for coaching and training. 322 pages.

Seminars by one or both authors focus on professional development, leadership, ethical decision-making, and stress strategy. Developing and serving as a true professional is a mindset and provides a foundation for best-self leadership development.

 True Professional

...seeks earned empowerment and mastery developing character and competence to do the harder right well…even under stress. 

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