Professional Development and Golf
Professional Development and Golf adds even more purpose and value to "business golf."
Learn professional development best practices and 
build business relationships enjoying and improving at the game of golf.

The Birmingham News ran this photograph in a feature story (PDF) on the front page of the Money Section, by business writer Roy Williams.

PGA professional Simon Coulls gives a golf tip to attorney Arlan Lewis with Dr. David Dyson and Dwight Wiggins (far right) during a monthly offering of Professional Development and Golf, which includes a briefing on a professional development tip that can be used in career and golf by the professional development coach, a golf tip by the PGA professional, and a tip for boosting business while enjoying golf by an avid golfer and business professional.

Professional Development and Golf Program Summary: Your Club and Academy Could Benefit (PDF)

Professional Development and Golf Leaders

(L-R) Simon Coulls, Dwight Wiggins, David Dyson


Author-Coach-Trainer  Dr. David Dyson offers Professional Development  and Personal Leadership  principles and best practices.

Professional society seminar speaker, college and school lecturer, corporate trainer, executive and life coach on personal leadership, business…
Co-author, Professionalism Under Stress & Patriotism in Action (Col. Stretch Dunn); author, Positive Ideas for the 7 Areas of Life; Golf, Business & Life (draft)
Doctoral degree in educational leadership, masters in management, bachelors in business…

PGA Professional Simon Coulls offers lessons on Golf and applications of Professional Development Lessons on the Links

Managing Partner, Vision Golf and Association Management (former vice president and general manager, Limestone Springs Golf Club)
Former Tartan Tour player (Europe) and former teaching professional in Europe and the United States
Professional Golf Management at Turnberry in Scotland

Business Professional Dwight Wiggins offers tips on Business Development connected to enjoying Golf

Dwight has built a successful, enjoyable professional practice with a strategy that includes meeting, knowing, and maintaining clients through golf. He ran a private practice for 20 years and he works in a corporation as a top-tier producer.

Dwight Wiggins, Chair, Professional Development and Golf for Life Leaders, presents goals and ideas during a planning retreat (at a client golf club hosted by Simon Coulls) along with chairs of other programs: Personal Leadership, Plan for Life, Professional and Leadership Under Stress, and Patriotism in Action.

Related services include

Briefings, orientations, ands services for planning and leadership with the board of directors and managers.... 


We hope you enjoy using these links for Golf Channel, especially the PGA Tour page, which includes TV, news...

And, we invite you to learn about the company where our friend Simon Coulls joined Bill Bower in Vision Golf Management (based in Ft. Myers, Florida, as partners managing courses and communities in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia).

United States Golf Association

PGA       LPGA

Alabama Golf Association


Sample Fliers/Invitations to Professional Development & Golf

August 30 2006 (PDF)
June 21 2006 (PDF)
December 2005

A few fliers for golf tournaments we hosted connecting Professional Development and Golf to Veterans Day and patriotism.

The Patriot Golf Classic Nov. 8 2006 (PDF)
The Patriot Golf Classic Nov. 2005

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