Ministry Journal: Values

Values and options, plus supportive coaching, help make better decisions.

A single mom with children called. She faced a major decision. She felt burned out, too tired to think clearly. Her confidence in her decision-making was low. She needed an ear and advice.

A member of our team listened and asked questions to help her think through her values, goals and options hoping to help her decide--and feel increasingly empowered to be able to decide. Then, he went a step further. He wrote highlights of what he had heard from her and listed them as values and goals, plus a sheet of options. The options could help her with this decision; the values and life goals could help her for years. He sent them to her and followed up by phone.

She needed to see a plan to have something to improve rather than continue running all the issues and options through her head, which was proving to be overwhelming and hindering her sleep. She shaped the plan, crossed out parts that she wanted to change and added the other ideas she meant to say plus some that come to her as she read the lists. She felt her options coming into focus. After the next round, the plan was hers. She made decisions with greater clarity and confidence. She was feeling more energy.

The Plan for Life Ministry is for individuals who need coaching and materials and may not have resources to hire a coach or counselor. The ministry team is made up of professionals and volunteers with a heart for helping people and who believe in the principles and practices of planning and leading our lives.

Resources for supplies, phone charges and other expenses come from donations. We would like to help more people through the ministry individually. We would also like to help couples and families. And, we believe we can provide resources and guidance to spiritual organizations who want to help their members understand, develop, and their callings, gifts and talents.

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