Prayers: Joan Dunn

January 7, 4:31 pm

Joan has finished her chemotherapy treatments!!! Her physicians want her to come in for examinations each quarter for the next few years, though great progress has been made toward curing her of cancer. Joan hopes to be with us on Friday evening as well, though there is a chance that she might have to spend part of the weekend out-of-town helping her parents.


You can e-mail Joan at 

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Joan Dunn Update:

September 19, 8:56 am

Joan says that she feels great and is healing with the help of prayers and well wishes She continues to get chemotherapy treatments approximately every two weeks on Wednesdays, which will likely last for the rest of the year. Stretch adds that we should know more about the success of her recovery by Spring 2002. I saw both of them last night as we celebrated a belated birthday for Stretch, who left with Joan for West Point the day of the air attacks. Both looked healthy and happy.


July 26, 10:51 am

Joan started her second round of chemo Wednesday. Her only negative side effects are weight loss and lack of energy (tired). Her spirits are great, appetite is good and she continues to appreciate more than can be expressed the love and support of so many.


July 05, 9:44 pm

Joan completed her 6th chemo session today. She now gets a two-week break to build her body back up. Morale is high! Only real side effect is lack of energy and tiredness.  She continues to appreciate the prayers and support from all..


June 13, 7:33 am

Joan is having surgery this morning. A stint (not sure of the spelling) inserted into her chest will help with "chemo" treatments and blood work, which she will have weekly for much of the rest of the year. She is in great spirits, which will certainly help her heal. Please remember Joan and Stretch.

Thank you.


P.S. She told me last evening that she looks forward to "seeing everyone" at our program on June 21 at Ashworth Gate.

June 6, 10:51 pm

On Wednesday Joan's white cell count was back up over 4000 (that's good news) so she was able to undergo the second chemo treatment today. She is
tired but otherwise doing well. Again, thank you for your support.


May 25, 9:43 am

Joan underwent her first chemo therapy Wednesday afternoon. Only immediate side effect was making her very sleepy. She went to work for 4 hours on Thursday then came home and slept.

Her spirits are great. Everyone continues to be so helpful and supportive. We are thankful to all.


May 18, 3:12 pm

Truly God is at work. Joan is doing great hear at Chateau Elan. She found out that the person who will give her the chem injections is a nurse that is the wife of one of our BE&K good friends. Small world. Her first Chem session is next Wednesday, then same time every week thereafter till the end of the year (with a few 2 week breaks). She remains in great spirits thanks to the continuation of prayers and support.


May 16, 4:40 pm

Joan called minutes ago after spending three hours at Kirklin Clinic with her physician. They set up a treatment schedule to get rid of her cancer that starts next Wednesday-every Wednesday for six weeks, then a two-week break, followed by another six weeks-a pattern that should continue for the rest of the year. She is "looking forward to getting this going and getting this behind us."

--David (president of Joan's fan club-Stretch is the CEO!)

May 15, 4:27 pm

Joan called today. She is back from the beach "soaking up some rays" and feeling good. She went to the office today and is going on a business trip with Stretch tomorrow until Sunday.

--David (president of Joan's fan club-Stretch is the CEO!)

5/12 - 10:32am:

There will be a weeks lapse in reports on Joan as she will be out of town from the time she sees her cancer doctor on Wednesday until the following Monday. We have appreciated all the messages and hope you will understand that it will be awhile before we can respond to them in written form. We say as prayers of thanks for every one and for the beautiful people that send them. Until the next every day with joy and prayer.


5/11 - 1:41pm:

Joan is relaxing in Nevarre. She is in good spirits. I'm printing her email messages to take to her Saturday.


5/05 - 12:00pm:

Joan is optimistic and in great spirits but has lost some weight and her limitless energy now has some limits. She will see her surgeon on Wednesday, then her cancer doctor on the 16th. I'll provide Dave updates for this web site as we learn more about her treatment.

Your prayers are what she wants most. We love and appreciate you all.

Joan and Stretch

4/24 - 6:41pm:

Leadership association members and friends,

If you have participated in the Personal Leadership Association for very long, you likely have met and grown to love Joan Dunn, one of my favorite people on the planet. She, along with Stretch, make up one of the greatest couples on the planet.

Joan underwent surgery yesterday to remove a tumor that was discovered during a medical procedure. She is recovering and awaiting a report to reveal if the surgery removed all the diseased tissue or if other parts of her body were affected. She is expected to remain in the hospital until the weekend.

I visited with Joan and Stretch this afternoon. They are in good spirits. Joan is reminding everybody else to not worry! She has been receiving calls, flowers and visitors from across the country.

I am writing so that those of you who know Joan will understand her condition. And, I am trying to be of service to them by helping to communicate with friends, even though she does not know that I am writing to you. I hope these ideas help you decide how to respond.

If you want to express yourself with a gift to Joan, a few options might help you.

A gift of prayer for her recovery and renewed health. That alone is appreciated!

A gift of a message. If you wish to reply with an email, I offer to print your note and deliver it to Joan.

A gift of a card. If you wish to write, they have a new address:

Joan and Stretch Dunn
313 Golf Drive
Hoover, Alabama 35226

A gift of time. You may join me for an hour or so to do lawn maintenance that Joan has been wanting done at their new home-she will smile as she returns home to see grass cut, pine straw spread, and other clean up. I am shooting for Thursday between 5 and 6:30, though I may be able to do this tomorrow (Wednesday), between 5 and 6:30. I can let you know if times change due to weather. If interested, just reply.

A gift of a card and present. Our association plans to buy something we know she will enjoy and have it there when she returns home-guessing Friday or Saturday. If you would like to participate in that, reply and we can add your name to the card.


David Dyson

Prayers: Randy Sain

February 5

Randy Sain was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 and has been making a wonderful recovery. I spoke with him today and learned a great update: the cancer appears to have been cleared from his body through the chemotherapy treatments! He has progressed to another level of treatments and is undergoing daily radiation treatments--he is in the seventh of 18 days.

Randy is president of Sain Associates, and has supported our Plan for Life programs in several ways: as a participant and as a host by allowing us to sponsor joint seminars for Sain Associates and clients as well as our members and guests. Randy is a strong proponent of leadership development and sponsors monthly leadership classes, officer workshops, and other programs to help their associates grow in leadership, management, and personal development. Randy succeeded his dad, Hack Sain, who founded the company and laid a foundation of leadership development. Sain has been recognized as one of the best engineering companies to work for in the United States.

Please continue to keep Randy in your prayers.

Thanks, David

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