Service Distinctions

7 Ways Life Leaders is Distinctive in its Services

  • Professional preparation & education 
  • Practical application of principles 
  • Focus on results in addition to topics 
  • Match versus sell 
  • Link individual and organizational callings and choices 
  • Live principle-centered and value-based lives. 
  • Persistent effort to exceed expectations


Professional preparation & education
  • Our faculty members have advanced education and or achievement
  • Our senior team members have experience as leaders and in helping leaders
Practical application of principles
  • We can connect academic principles in practical applications
  • Put philosophies into results-oriented policies
Focus on results in addition to topics
  • We ask and assess what results you want and adjust our topics and methods to aim at your goals with you in addition to providing valuable insights and information
  • We consider and try to build on what you have in place rather than automatically propose a completely new program “off the shelf.”
  • Leave a lasting legacy—install long-term applications
Match vs. Sell
  • We seek to match based on values and services needed for long-term impact versus sell ourselves
  • In teaching, seek to connect and make a difference rather than impress

Link individual and organizational callings and choices
  • We can help leaders with strategic and operational plans for their organizations—and themselves. 
  • We also are helping to lead the new paradigm to take planning and assessment to the individual level and link their efforts and rewards to those of the organization.

Live principle-centered and value-based lives
  • We want to leave a legacy—install long-term applications that are built to last.
  • Our work is more than a job or a way to make a living; it is part of our professional callings.
  • Our people walk their talk by investing in continuing improvement and volunteer service.

Persistent effort to guarantee promises and satisfaction
  • We guarantee our promises with quality efforts and results.
  • Our philosophical goal is to exceed expectations or persist until we have added value.
  • We allow you to adjust tuition or fees based on value added and your satisfaction (many lecturers, speakers, and consultants charge a flat fee that is expected even if they “have a bad day.” We expect to exceed your expectations though if we ever “miss the mark” you should expect us to keeping trying to “make it right.” If we cannot satisfy you completely, then we want you to adjust the final fee—it’s the fair thing for us to do.

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