Hack Sain Leadership in Engineering Program

The Hack Sain Leadership in Engineering program provides professional development and leadership training in engineering, construction, and related fields. We offer seminars and coaching on topics such as leadership, professionalism, ethics, and stress through corporations, professional societies, and colleges.

This program has been named in honor of Charles “Hack” Sain for his determined pioneering efforts to serve his company and profession by offering leadership training and coaching before it was accepted practice. At age 70, Hack was still attending seminars on personal and organizational leadership and joined the Personal Leadership Association. He invited David, "help me leave a legacy of leaders in my company."
Hack Sain Leadership in Engineering Program

Citation to establish Hack Sain Leadership in Engineering

Charles H. Sain, P.E.

Hack Sain Honored with Johnny Johnson Loyalty Award

Case summary of achievement in Hack's company resulting from his starting a leadership program

Program leader and principal faculty: Col. Stretch Dunn (Retired)

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