Dr. Dyson speaking at a professional society conference in San Destin, Florida.

Dr. Dyson's Desired Distinctions

1. Education

2. Experience

3. Focus on results more than topics

4. Practical application of principles

5. Design of original and organized ideas vs. packaged

6. Match vs. Sell

7 . Persistent effort to guarantee promises and satisfaction


  • Preparing and serving in education and leadership and service for over 25 years
  • Bachelors degree in business, major in finance and minor in speech
  • Masters degree in public and private sector management
  • Doctoral degree in educational leadership, including curriculum and teaching
  • Advanced leadership and management training at Harvard and Carnegie-Mellon
  • Invest in one or more seminars and read books monthly for continuous learning


  • Experience as president of profit and nonprofit organizations
  • Experience range of executive, business owner, consultant, client, volunteer

Focus on results more than topics

  • Ask and assess what results you want and adjust to aim at goals in addition to information
  • Consider and build on what you have in place

Practical application of principles

  • Connect academic principles and philosophies into practical applications
  • Create systems so that concepts get implemented

Design of original and organized ideas vs. packaged programs

  • Some consultants invest as much as half their time into selling programs and may facilitate them; this is a good strategy for some though I choose to invest limited time into marketing and focus above-average time into solution development and service.
  • Blend development of new ideas with news ways of teaching timeless principles.

Match vs. Sell

  • Seek to "match" based on services needed and values for long-term impact versus "sell" you
  • In teaching, seek to connect and make a difference rather than impress

Persistent effort to guarantee promises and satisfaction

  • Philosophical goal is to exceed expectations or persist until value added
  • Tuition allows for adjustment based on value added and satisfaction.

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