Financial Partners Funding the Mission

Mission: To assist funding partners to assess how our mission matches with theirs so we serve with synergy and impact.

Leaders Calling for Our Service

Mayor Bell Endorsement Letter 2014
Superintendent of Birmingham Schools
Three Hots and a Cot Veterans Center

Primary Funding Partners Since 2012

  • Alabama Power Company
  • Alabama Power Foundation
  • Caring Foundation of Blue Cross of Alabama
  • City of Birmingham
  • Daniel Foundation of Alabama
  • Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation
  • Vision AssociationManagement
  • Welch Hornsby
  • Trustees and Members

You can invest in these results

  • Students learn of founding Veterans Day and Civil Rights
  • Teachers help students write Plans for School and Life
  • Veteran service leaders help veterans make comebacks
  • Seminars to help people improve plans & best-self leadership
  • Brand Birmingham positively as Freedom City 
  • Advance Alabama education, branding, tourism
Life Leaders joined Guidestar on recommendation of a partner to share more information with potential partners and members of the public who care about our service--will add more:

Life Leaders is a 501 (c)(3) public service charitable organization registered in Alabama benefiting education and community development supported by funding leaders who provide grants, sponsorships, donations, and services to advance their mission and ours. We advance planning for the 7 Area of Life, Best-Self Leadership, and action for students, professionals, families, and team members, city and state leaders, with outreach to key national organizations .

What We Have Done and Can Do

Case Statement - Progress & Priorities 
Case Statement - Progress & Priorities (PDF)
Plans & Possibilities

Plans updated to get the latest

Program Pages with Descriptions
People Leading & Advising Life Leaders
History & Progress Life Leaders
501(c)(3) IRS Approval Letter

Priority Needs

Public Seminars: Best-Self Leadership, Plan for the 7 Areas of Life, Empowerment, Freedom to Flourish, Personal Leadership for Patriots, Resolutions & Mastering Your Goliaths...
Plan for School & Life Workshops and Resources for Teachers, Students, plus advice and support to educational leaders to add instruction to help students write plans for school and life to boost attitude and achievement....
Freedom to Flourish Classes, Handouts, Printed and Online Resources for Teachers, Students
Veterans Making Comebacks web resources, published workbooks, conferences, and training
Veterans Day Founding Education Books, Handouts, Web Site, Video Channel for Teachers, Students, and Veterans Organizations in Birmingham, Alabama, and USA

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