Dr. David Dyson, Founder & Director, Life Leaders

Mission: To empower people, organizations, and communities to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE to flourish at callings as our best-selves.
My callings include helping you develop Your Callings and Choices in a Plan For the 7 Areas of Life that includes Best-Self Strategy so you flourish better and empower others.
Students write Plans for School & Life to be more prepared for school, college and/or career, with enhanced attitude and achievement. Students write of purpose and plans, creating greater sense of mission and motivation.
College students expand their plans to include Professional Mission and Vision, Professional Development, and Best-Self Leadership strategy.
Leaders in education and services help those they serve develop plans that inspire action to become and achieve--in some cases, recover--with plans better than before.

We provide templates for planning and books, workbooks, and articles for best practices.

Birmingham and Alabama develop distinctions and service impact for national movements for freedoms launched and led here-- (1)Veterans Day, (2)Human Rights, (3)Plan for School and Life. Birmingham adds a brand, a nickname: Freedom City, which represents Freedom of Life & Liberty, Freedom of Civil & Human Rights, and Freedom to Flourish at our Callings. We serve the USA through teachers of millions of students who value teaching Veterans Day, Rights, Character, Citizenship.
If your callings match ours: David@LifeLeadersInstitute.org 
205.670.1733 or 205.422.6484
May we PLAN and LEAD in LIFE to flourish as our best-selves. ~David

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Horses have taught me more about earning trust, courage, service, and values in the herd.

They are effective helping students learn courage and care as well as living within the values of the herd. They help those making comebacks from traumas re-connect through animals and people.

First ride: Indian Legend (Indy), Paint, age 2. Gentled since birth, no need for "breaking."

American Patriot (Patriot) aka Anakus Flynn (Morgan Horse) and David on first ride without injury to rider--after trust building--Washington. 

Star (Star of the Bar, American Quarter Horse) and David on their first trail ride in Washington. She is home in Alabama.

Adopting Buck, Pyrenean Mountain Dog&Retriever,  protector of people and animals, adopted from the Chilton County Animal Shelter.

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Dr. David Hilton Dyson
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University

Doctoral research and publication on a Study of Personal Performance Time Priorities among Presidents of Southern Colleges and Universities Named Among America’s Best Institutions. 1988. Articles on this research was published in AGB Reports of the Association of Governing Boards. ABC TV in Birmingham interviewed on the work.

The research helps boards make better hiring choices based on knowing better how effective presidents invest their time. Also, presidents can design their time priorities to increase how long they stay in their jobs and boost effectiveness.

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We  seek to match versus sell on mission, values, and results

and achieve win-win-win for you, us, and the greater good.

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