I asked David to help me leave a legacy of leaders in my company.
       Charles "Hack" Sain, Founder and CEO, Sain Associates (Retired)

Our company has improved in every significant area of operation since David began working with us. Revenues have doubled, staff satisfaction has improved from "C" to "A" and staff turnover has improved from over 20% to less than 5%. We are winning awards for being a great place to work, plus we are providing more training with less money.
       Randy Sain, President, Sain Associates

..."no-brainer" for me. I remember attending the workshop you presented ...[over 20 years ago]. That workshop was a very effective catalyst for change resulting in a much richer (and more profitable) career path for me. I literally cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from your seminars and professional services.... Because I have paid attention to the details of what you teach, promoting what you do is simply a matter of responsible servant leadership. In a world increasingly marred by scandal, what you do is an anchor to integrity and it's always my pleasure to promote that!
       Gerry Casey, UAB Medical Center

 Thank you . . . . [your seminar series] has been a mountain top experience, which will greatly improve my quality of life
       Rick Dye, Senior Bank Executive, Florida

I'm excited, genuinely excited about this!
       Hayes Parnell, Founder and CEO, Covenant Bank

Here is the summary of evaluations of today's program [Managerial Leadership], which was enthusiastically received.  Thank you, David!
4 = good, 5 = excellent
Skill & knowledge of presenter  4.9 (of 5)

How well knowledge gained can be applied to your job/life  4.9
How well objectives were met  4.6
Overall value of the presentation  4.8
I would recommend this program to others  100%
       Kathryn Michael, Baptist Health Care, Pensacola

We enjoyed the opportunity to partner with you in presenting information on Leadership and Management. The content was exceptional and judging from the feedback responses, participants were satisfied with the sessions.
       Jason B. Thrower, Vice President, Small Business Development
       Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce


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