To empower individuals and organizations to plan and lead inspired lives.


  1. Individuals understand their callings and make great choices, including a written plan that inspires and guides them to lead their lives—and to help others.
  2. Organizations succeed and distinguish themselves at higher levels with improved design of purpose, values, desired results, and strategies. They adopt systems, processes and best practices that support and reward value-based performance, plus train and coach people to develop their attitudes and abilities to know more and implement better.
  3. The Institute is a major resource for educational and inspirational event planners attracting and serving faculty-staff members and affiliates who are distinguished by their commitment to serving others as well as their talent and preparation. We help good organizations match with the people and program resources they need. And, we help dedicated professionals serve and succeed better because of the Institute than they would working alone.


  • Clients & Students 
  • Called, Committed, Courageous, Confident 
  • Inspired in their mission, legacy & efforts 
  • Productive & Fulfilled 
  • Knowledge-seeking 
  • Improvement-oriented 
  • Successful & Significant 
  • Effective Students & Teachers


  • Philosophical and practical 
  • Inspiring and Informative 
  • Educating, Enlightening, Encouraging, Effective

Families & Friends

  • Informed 
  • Supportive 
  • Faculty & Staff 
  • Lifelong Learners & Teachers 
  • Dedicated, Passionate Servants 
  • Principle-based & Practice-directed

Culture & Character

  • Inspiring 
  • Caring 
  • Trusting 
  • Fulfilling 
  • Empowering 
  • Stewardship

Leadership & Administration

  • Mission-driven & Vision-focused 
  • Proactive & Responsive 
  • Fiscally strong 
  • Effective & Efficient

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