Best-Self Leadership

Mission: To empower people and communities to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE.

Vision: Citizens and communities plan and practice best-self leadership so we work and enjoy living as our best-selves, thus making our country stronger.

Best-Self Leadership

Slide show of sample models and covers of plan books you can use.

7 Levels of Leadership Model to decide on desired level and plan.

Calling-Feeling-Thinking Model for Decision-Making

Hierarchy of 7 Motivating Values to use with Maslow's Hierarchy
is a web domain of Life Leaders because it is part of our core mission to help individuals, groups, and communities learn and use principles and practices of living as our best-selves.
We focus on helping educators help students Plan for School and Life as well as learn age-appropriate leadership principles for leading their lives as a foundation for capacity to serve and lead others.
We also provide resources and servicesto mentors of students, teachers, professionals, and others inspired to learn and serve as their best-selves.

7 Areas of Life & 7 Best Practices to Plan and Lead your Life

7 Levels of Empowerment to Earn & Delegate based on Attitude & Ability

Leadership & Empowerment Model to summarize Principles of Personal Leadership, 7 Areas of Life & Levels of Empowerment to Earn and Delegate

On Pinterest, in the slide show above, and on this page, you can see some of the models used in publications, coaching, and teaching seminars, classes, and workshops.

For a more complete list and discussion of applications and approaches, please call or write.

Bill Gates Thinks Most High Schools in America are Obsolete — But Not This One

Bill Gates applauds a high school for helping students develop plans online to guide their actions.


Dr. Dyson and Life Leaders aspire to help schools throughout Alabama and America to add written plans to the preparation of students so they will be better prepared, motivated, and focused. And, they will be able to communicate better their draft plans and needs from parents, teachers, counselors, and other mentors to be ready for college-career-citizenship.

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Dyson and Covey

Dr. Dyson started outlining his 7 Best Practices to Plan and Lead your Life in 1987 in the weeks following finishing his seven years of work at Birmingham-Southern College and preparing for his year of residency at Vanderbilt University during which he completed course and dissertation requirements for the doctoral degree in Education.

After graduation in 1988, David returned to Alabama and started a professional practice as an executive coach and trainer presenting seminars, workshops, and retreats on planning, leadership, and management.

In summer 1991, David and Birmingham-Southern colleague Johnny Johnson invited an interest group to meet regularly to discuss personal leadership. By 1992, this group grew and organized as the Personal Leadership Association. The first seminar presented was by Dr. Dyson on "Personal Leadership" and Chris Crouch on "Creating a Vision for your Life."

Chris recommended a book he had read he thought aligned with what David was teaching. The book: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey.

This book became a favorite of David's and often when he taught his Personal Leadership Model and 7 Best Practices he would cite Dr. Covey's "7 Habits" as another good example of a Best-Self Strategy to use and teach. David recommended to the new Personal Leadership Association that the 1993 seminar to kick off the year be presented by Dr. Covey. With the help of college and corporate sponsors, the event served over 1,000 students and professionals to help them learn and improve their knowledge of leadership and effectiveness as well as to write plans and notes to use and share with others.

Dr. Covey died a few years ago after a sports accident. He had been a professor, consultant, author, husband, and father of nine children. His legacy lives on through his family, books, company, and people who teach his messages. 

Dr. Dyson aspires to write and teach principles of effectiveness focused on Best-Self Leadership, Plan for School and Life, and Patriotism in Action. His work complements Dr. Covey and emphasizes adding deliverables such as written Plans for School and Life with a Best-Self Strategy. When teaching in Alabama, he also teaches the connection of national movements for Veterans Day and Civil Rights related to history lessons, contributions to Freedom, and inspiration for at least five of the 25 character traits mandated to teach in schools.

He believes, students should write plans for implementing character traits in school, followed by academic plans and options, and then plans for the 7 Areas of Life--preparing them for career and/or college as well as citizenship. Attitude, Attendance, and Achievement will improve.

L to R: Dr. Neal Berte, Dr. Stephen Covey, and Dr. David Dyson in 1993 prior to beginning the National Leadership Conference presented by Life Leaders (then called the Personal Leadership Association) at Birmingham-Southern College. Approximately 1,000 persons attended from nine states, over half from sponsoring organizations: BellSouth, Parisian, Southern Company Services, Alabama Power Company, Protective Life, Birmingham-Southern College, and Life Leaders.

Dr. Berte welcomed. Dr. Dyson presented a summary of his 7 Areas of Life and 7 Best Practices to Plan and Lead your Life, and Dr. Covey presented the featured content of the day: "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and "Principled-Centered Leadership" based on core content from his books.

Dr. Stephen Covey speaks to the Leadership Conference presented by Life Leaders at Birmingham-Southern College, 1993.

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