Year-End Progress & People Celebration: an annual party with purpose since 1992

Mission: To celebrate purpose, progress, plans, and people with members, partners, family, and friends.

Joshua Thompson, Melody Duncan, Bryan Morris, and Noah Thompson--not pictured: Patty Thompson, booking agent--our musical partner.

A selection of pictures from Holiday Celebrations past!

Enjoy the traditions, big and small, including a Hershey's Kiss 

"Thank you for the invitation to the banquet. It was great with wonderful people and a spirit of excellence, brotherhood, and love for mankind both present and departed."

~Bishop Dr. Bernard Omukubah~

You can see the slides

Enjoy the slides above shown at our 2015 Year-End Celebration with photos of people and examples of our programs and priorities.

You can scroll to advance slides as you wish or you can select the far right option (under the logo) to "open in new window" (shows full screen) and then select "start slide show" and the slides will advance automatically (est. 10 minutes). You can play Roman Street music during your show by playing samples at their web site or you can purchase CDs or digital albums from Roman Street here!

You can see the printed program showing what we did (PDF):

2015 Program

On special occasions, we invite members, partners, and other friends to attend Special Events such as a Summer Social or a public performance of our music partner:

Sponsor Roman Street at an Event

(benefits include recognition, charitable gift receipt, tickets...)

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