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Highlights from Previous Events

Life Leaders at Lunch workshop 

National Veterans Day Banquet, Memorial Service, and Parade
Nov. 10-11, 2014

Special Events Featuring Roman Street

Life Leaders Celebration of purpose, progress, plan, and people benefiting public programs featuring Roman Street Music

Tuesday Evening, December 15, 2015

Moonlight on the Mountain / Hoover, Alabama

Public Events Presented 2015 by Life Leaders

Thanks to volunteers and partners who provided money for the mission

  1. Goals and Plans for the 7 Areas of Life
  2. 7 Steps to Set a Resolution
  3. Best-Self Leadership
  4. Sample Plans for Life and Improvement Workshop
  5. Professional Plans
  6. Life Leaders at Lunch series for professionals 3 months
  7. Choosing Success to Flourish More (video clips by Dr. Covey)
  8. Spiritual Purpose and Plan
  9. Earn Empowerment Rather than Wait for it (Empowerment Week)
  10. Write the Constitution of Your Life (Constitution Day)
  11. Freedom to Flourish
  12. Personal Leadership for Patriots (Southern Museum of Flight)
  13. Tribute to the Founder of America’s Veterans Day 
  14. Year-End Celebration of Progress with Roman Street Concert
  15. Life Leaders programs and people supported:
  • National Veterans Day
  • Wreaths Across America (Alabama National Cemetery)
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Constitution Day
  • Veterans Leadership Ministry
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Public Seminars and Local Events Monthly Since 1992

Plan for Life, Best-Self Leadership, patriotism and public service.

Most events are free public services or suggested donation.

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If you like events like these, join Life Leaders to learn, plan, and act!

Life Leaders Samples

Dr. Dyson participates in programs--presenting a few annually--along with program chairs and guest speakers.

Master Your Goliaths

Start or improve your Plan for Life with Goals for the 7 Areas of Life & Set a Resolution using our workbook and the template for 7 Steps to Set a Resolution.

Best-Self Leadership

7 Best Practices to PLAN and LEAD your LIFE by Dr. Dyson combined with 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Covey (previous speaker for Life Leaders seminar) so you can adopt or adapt your own best-self leadership strategy to add to your plan for life. Also helpful: lessons/best practices in Professionalism Under Stress.

Plan Pages

Plans for Life: see samples of goals and resolutions and use the inspiration and ideas to improve your goals, resolution plan, or other plan important to you....Students can write Plans for School and Life, Professionals can write plans for use at work and other areas....

Financial Fitness

Assess your financial fitness and improve your plan.


We often hone in on professional plans and assess needs for Attitude and Ability to earn the next level of empowerment. Or, we ask members what they need to implement on personal and professional plans and focus on that.

Also this month:

Memorial Day Commemoration, Alabama National Cemetery

Guest Speakers

Guest speaker or video clips: Best-Self Leadership

Summer Social

Learn or get reminded of a principle and action to improve the social area of life, plus enjoy fellowship and food with friends.

Patriotism in Action

Independence Day Commemoration: Lessons Learned from the Founding Fathers on Leadership

Summer Social and Social goals

Spiritual Purpose

Spiritual Purpose & Plan: writing your personal prayer to identify and internalize better callings and choices.

Earning Empowerment

Earn Empowerment and help people plan for that.

Learn and apply a tested model for Earning and Delegating Empowerment in Professional and other areas of life. Learn the 3 basic levels and the 7 levels of mastery and how to include in your professional plan. The workbook provides a private Assessment tool for your Attitude and Ability to help you Earn the Next Level of Empowerment and/or help others, which we sometimes use here and/or in May to help people create professional development plans.

Constitution Day: we sometimes offer a workshop to help people write The Constitution of Your Life...


National Veterans Day

Personal Leadership for Patriots (Southern Museum of Flight)

Learn a personal leadership lesson that applies to military and civilian life, update on our salute to the founding city and state of America's Veterans Day, plus a social in honor of veterans & families.

Typical date Thursday preceding November 11.

Freedom to Flourish

Freedom to Flourish: learn the concept, vision, and principles for how to flourish. This is especially good for teachers, students, parents, civic club program leaders, city and community leaders, and others who want to flourish.

Also: and learn of 

Patriotism in Action Tribute to the Founder of America’s Veterans Day (Weeks Monument, Linn Park, Birmingham City Hall, followed by National Veteran Award Banquet)

November 10, public event.

Make your holiday stocking stuffers more meaningful with these books, which are resources for our patriotic events in November and throughout the year. Professionalism Under Stress combines lessons learned in combat, college, and corporate life. Patriotism in Action is a patriotic guide for teachers, veterans, and others patriotic enough to take action, and is the national resources for startingVeterans Day.


Year-End Celebration of Progress, Plans, and People, with Social, Supper, and Roman Street Concert (Moonlight on the Mountain). Donations for tickets required for the event; sponsorships encouraged to support volunteers and programs throughout the year.

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