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People to Serve

We create systems to support people who care enough to fulfill their callings. We attract and serve people who support our mission of mutual improvement. We welcome members based on their attitudes and abilities rather than their professional position or social rank. Members consider us an excellent resource for information, ideas and inspiration as well as for networking in a positive environment.

We increase the opportunities for families, colleagues and other friends to learn and grow together. We also serve people in professional organizations who may not receive encouragement or resources for training as part of their jobs. And, because many organizations offer professional development opportunities with people grouped by hierarchy of position, we support people in positions at all levels to learn and improve together in comfortable settings (from CEOs to secretaries…are welcome).

Our first priority rests with serving those within the general public who care enough to decide to grow and demonstrate the courage to try. Many more persons could lead more productive, enriched lives if better systems existed to support them with examples, education and encouragement. The main systems we influence positively include: personal (individuals), social (families and friends), educational (colleges and schools), professional (places of work) and spiritual (centers of worship).

We serve parents, as well as others who raise children through agencies or other structures. The process of learning and applying the principles and practices of leading one's life and contributing to a greater good start in the home, whether in a traditional or surrogate setting.

The educational systems affect the greatest number of persons because virtually all persons experience at least part of K-12 education, and a significant number attend collegiate institutions. Therefore, we serve as a resource and build alliances with educational institutions. Collegiate institutions come first because they affect most readily future teachers, who can pass on principles and practices to children and others. Professors and advisors integrate these principles into the admissions process, orientation programs, advising and the classroom. Our K-12 schools continue teaching the habits learned in homes, which feed into colleges and professional organizations.

Empowerment for individuals and within organizations is taught and improvement is supported through time and training resources to improve organizational quality and individual performance and fulfillment. We serve as a source of development for members to enhance their effectiveness as mentors in their homes, places of work, worship center or school. Spiritual organizations continue to teach lessons emphasizing that we should do our best with the talents given to us, great or small. They increase in stewardship of their responsibility and capacity to help people discover their gifts, talents, and callings and to use them.


We deliver high impact and affordable leadership and personal development programs that help people. We support publishing of informative and inspiring publications. And, we provide supportive services to our members and other constituents.

System for Philanthropy and Common Ground

We provide individuals and organizations with opportunities to give time and financial resources to help people understand and fulfill their callings. Further, we nurture a spirit of “everyone is welcome” and create a place where people of multiple cultures and countries can connect based on common ground.

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