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Mission: To teach, inspire, and assist citizens to write plans for life and use best-self leadership principles to flourish with freedoms.

The original Mission Statement of the Personal Leadership Association (1991-1992): To improve ourselves to improve our world.

What's Your Calling?

Dream it. Plan it. Do it.

Life Leaders is for those who want to “be, know, and do” closer to our best-selves and help others do the same to flourish at our callings. We provide programs to advance citizens, city, and Alabama.


We empower students, veterans making comebacks, and the public to flourish at their callings with plans for the 7 Areas of Life and Best Practices for Life Leadership.

We are a resource for leaders who serve students, teachers, veterans, and professionals who earn empowerment even when no one is looking.

We serve our city and state to plan, work, brand for national contributions to freedom.

Vision for Desired Results:

  • We do our best and help others do their best—with balance.
  • We create opportunities and support for people who care about ongoing improvement—for themselves, their families, organizations and world.
  • We learn from and enjoy our associations with each other—sources of knowledge, example, inspiration, and friendship.
  • We look for ideas to share and for ways to help serve and mentor each other.
  • We participate enthusiastically in our activities to learn from the experiences, build understanding relationships, and strengthen the foundation of our organization.
  • We care about other persons and share our experiences with family and friends.
  • We have an impact—on our lives, on others, on the world beyond!


  • People can continually improve and empower themselves if educated, enlightened and encouraged with positive principles and practices that help them lead significant lives.
  • Systems should be designed to support individual development and empowerment to support organizational values and goals.
  • If we the people improve ourselves and the systems that support personal and organizational excellence, we can love and serve others more meaningfully, thus improving our world.

Handout: Best-Self Strategy/7 Areas of Life

Sample Seminars from 2014

  • Jan 9: Plan for Life: Best-Self Strategy and Goals for the 7 Areas of Life. Life Leaders Plan for the Year. Dyson
  • Jan 11: Plan for Life Workshop to improve plans for goals and a resolution. Hoover Library. Dyson
  • Feb 6: Goals & Resolutions: Why Most Quit, How and Why we can Persist. Dyson, Smith
  • Mar 6: Plan for Your Main Area of Service +7 Areas Professionals Plan, Assess, Reward—Dyson, Crider
  • Apr 3: Financial Freedom Goals, Plans, and Tax Strategy—Smith, Yeager
  • May 1: Freedom to Flourish at Your Callings—Hornsby, Dyson
  • May : Memorial Day Commemoration, Alabama National Cemetery—Barefield
  • Jun 5: Physical Health and Energy to Live your Priorities—Dunn, Smith, Dyson, Thompson handout
  • Jul 4: Independence Day Seminar & Serve Meals to Veterans—Barefield, Dunn, Winslow, Burford, Dyson
  • Jul 17: Mid-Year Plan & Progress Workshop—Officers and Chairs, Members—Smith, Dunn, Dyson
  • Aug 7: Making Comebacks—Assessing and Improving Attitude and Ability—Dyson, Waldheim
  • Sep 4: Earn Empowerment rather than wait for it & When to Delegate, When to Direct in Leadership—Dyson
  • Oct 2: Freedom to Flourish (3 Freedoms)—Dyson (advisors: Hornsby, Jackson)
  • Nov 6: Personal Leadership for Patriots, Southern Museum of Flight—Barefield, Dunn, Dyson
  • Nov 10: Patriotism in Action Tribute, Veterans Day Founder Weeks Monument, Linn Park—Barefield, Dyson, with Mayor Bell, Councilwoman Rafferty, and Mark Ryan
  • Dec 5: Banquet (meal, toasts, highlights of the year)—Dunn, Barefield, Smith, Dyson.

Continuing Professional Education signed by Dr. Dyson available for members.

Sponsorships and Memberships for individuals, couples, teams.

Speaking: educational events, civic clubs, professional societies; leadership conferences, community groups.

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Association Membership

Profile of Seminars and Membership

"I wish my school or someone helped me develop a plan for life."

-- 90+% of participants June seminar

"The seminars are inspiring."

-- Tonya Rodrigue

"Keep going. People need this. I am sharing what I learn with pastors in Kenya."

--Bishop Dr. Bernard Omukubah

Sample Seminar & Meeting Slides

Life Leaders Seminar Slides 2015 06.pdf Life Leaders Seminar Slides 2015 06.pdf
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Dyson Life Leadership Model 2 Gold.

Values within 7 Areas of Life


  • Inspiration
  • Integrity
  • Improvement
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Learning
  • Creativity
  • Renewal
  • Transformation
  • Stewardship
  • Trustworthiness


  • Health
  • Energy


  • Security
  • Strength
  • Freedom


  • Volunteerism
  • Contribution


  • Education
  • Training
  • Servant Leadership
  • Empowerment
  • Supportive Systems


  • Trust
  • Caring
  • Sharing
  • Love
  • Encouragement
  • Mentoring
  • Partnerships
  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Synergy


  • Prayer
  • Stewardship
  • Eternal significance

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