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Life Leaders is for those who want to “be, know, and do” closer to our best-selves and help others do the same to flourish in service and significance, while also advancing community, country, and citizens. Life Leaders has offered training and coaching since 1988 and public seminars since 1992.

We Believe

  • People live better if we learn, plan, and act on principle-based best practices for leading our lives.

  • Veterans making a comeback in life increase their chances with a plan for Mastering Your Goliaths and boosting hope and faith that they are Free to Flourish. 

  • Students helped to write Plans for Character, School, and Calling can boost attitude, attendance, and achievement—improving "grit" and graduation rates.

  • Each of us who values significant service and stewardship of our callings and talents should invest time at least monthly learning, assessing, and planning for self, service, and relationships with others (Association of Life Leaders). Also, daily acts to Pray. Listen. Act. Now. on callings and choices.

  • The City of Birmingham and State of Alabama can "elevate" to become branded a positive national leader for freedom based on history for starting National Veterans Day and leader in the Civil Rights Movement. Going "forward" with strategy and actions, Alabama can lead on history and character traits education for Veterans Day and human rights. Birmingham can lead the movement to help people earn freedom to flourish at callings by helping people Plan and Lead in Life.

More about our Callings, History, and Niche Services

For over 10 years we focused on helping people PLAN and LEAD in LIFE through public seminars, college courses, and working with organizations. Our mission: help people write plans for life and learn best-self leadership.

Then, America was attacked. After the "911" attacks on America (September 11, 2001), Life Leaders added the Patriotism in Action Program with books, events, education, and additional service to advance citizens, city, and country. 

This is the core of what we added that you can use:

Professionalism Under Stress book summarizes lessons and best practices for true professionals, synthesizing education and experience in combat, college, and corporate life the patriots can adopt or adapt to use as best practices. Motivated cadets read and teach this book.

Patriotism in Action  book provides a patriotic guide intended for teachers, veterans, and other patriots.  While researching for the book, we learned Veterans Day started in Birmingham though was only known by an estimated 1% of Alabamians, fewer across the USA, so we expanded the book to tell of Veterans Days starting in Birmingham for use by teachers, students, tourism professionals, and historians. 

Personal Leadership for Patriots on the Thursday before Veterans Day connects personal leadership lessons of military and civilian professionals to patriotic commemorations leading up to Veterans Day. From our founding until the "911" attacks, Life Leaders had hosted monthly seminars on "Personal Leadership" for almost 10 years. We adapted our November seminar on Personal Leadership to focus on patriots from both military and civilian life with useful lessons from the books, Professionalism Under Stress and Patriotism in Action, as well as guest speakers. We expanded from "Personal Leadership" to "Personal Leadership for Patriots." We promote patriotism with emphasis on action to serve and develop ourselves to expand our capacities to serve in war and peace. 

Tribute to the Founder of Veterans Day at the Weeks Monument, November 10, Birmingham, Linn Park, added to National Veterans Day events since 2005. The National Veteran Award Banquet follows. In addition to the book called Patriotism in Action (PIA), we started a program to provide and support patriotic events and work with patriotic organizations. PIA led the campaign with the Mayor, Governor, and U.S. Senate to restore the official legacy that Veterans Day started in Birmingham (US Senate Resolution passed November 13, 2012).

Life Leaders became a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that year and expanded that effort to sustain as the Veterans Day Founding Education Program. We serve as the "education" partner with National Veterans Day, who has led on events since 1947. We need your advocacy because fewer than 1% of Americans know where Veterans Day started. 

Patriotism in Action supported the launch of Freedom Lives (John Hornsby, chair) as a program to support lessons for Freedom of Liberty, Freedom of Rights, and Freedom to Flourish for use by teachers, civic club presenters, and others who can tell the story to students and adults "why" we have freedom and how we can take action to succeed closer to our best-selves. This program also can help brand Birmingham for national contributions to Freedom. We offer lesson plans on Veterans Day and its connection to Human Rights and Character Traits education. And, we offer Plan for School and Life templates to help students improve at writing callings and desired character traits as well as getting college and career ready (supporting school purposes and priorities).





Life Leaders is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization registered in Alabama providing public service primarily benefiting education and community development supported by leaders who provide grants, sponsorships, donations, and service projects to advance their mission and ours.


To empower people and their organizations to
PLAN and LEAD in LIFE to flourish at callings.

Vision for Results

    1. Students learn WHY they have Freedom to Flourish because of Liberty and Rights, HOW, and take ACTION writing a Plan for School & Life.
    2. Students write Plans for School and the 7 Areas of Life as assignments that boost attitude, attendance, achievement as well as career, college, and citizenship preparation.
    3. Students in college learn more about Best-Self Leadership, Earning Empowerment, True Professionalism, and write Plans for the 7 Areas of Life to help them succeed in their callings.
    4. Millions more Americans write Plans for the 7 Areas of Life and enjoy more inspiration, empowerment, productivity, self-reliance, and balance aimed at priorities.
    5. Millions more couples write and internalize Missions for Marriage and guide families to use their Life Constitutions to live shared values and vision.
    6. Birmingham is branded positively for national leadership in Veterans Day, Human Rights, and Freedoms education—Freedom City.
    7. Alabama advances as a leader for Veterans Day, Human Rights, Freedom and Patriotism events & education teaching principles and practices to help more citizens Earn Empowerment.

    You can view the slide show of people and programs shown at the Year-End Progress Celebration: Banquet page 

    Plans, Progress, People

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